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LSI is Indonesia’s leading school for Bahasa Indonesia, licensed by the Indonesian government to provide an international standard of Indonesian language instruction for expatriate clients from abroad.

To serve our special clientele, we must maintain a world-class faculty, and all must be well-educated in the best practices in modern language education.

Job Description
LSI provides Learning Slots to its students from Mondays through Fridays at 9 am to 9 pm and Saturdays & Sundays at 9 am to 6 pm. We are serving our students online worldwide and also at the LSI’s facilities in South and Central Jakarta. We also serve our students at their homes, apartments, and offices.


  1. Be Punctual at All Times
    For us, time is extremely valuable as it shows the respect we have for ourselves and the people around us. We are working very hard to make sure that we don’t waste any second of it. This is the main reason why we don’t tolerate lateness. You are required to attend to all of LSI’s agendas at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  2. Apply the LSI Core Values in Everyday Activities
    We are driven by the values that we believe in that have shaped our identity as a company. We train ourselves diligently so that we can think and act according to these values. You are required to apply these values during your time at LSI.
  3. Deliver Indonesian Language Instructions Online According to the LSI Standard
    We have perfected our language instruction methods throughout our 14 years of experience of being Indonesia’s leading school for Bahasa Indonesia. Our standards have been proven to create an effective learning experience for rapid language acquisition that is structured, communicative, and enjoyable. You are required to follow the LSI Standard precisely.
  4. Complete Students’ Learning Progress at the End of Each Session
    We monitor the progress of our students by documenting the students’ performance in each session. By doing this, we gain essential information that helps us determine what kind of assistance the students need to achieve their language goals. You are required to complete the Students’ Learning Progress on time with a high level of quality.
  5. Conducting and Evaluating Assessments
    We assess our students’ abilities by conducting a number of assessments that will help us to know whether they achieve all of their Learning Objectives. You are required to conduct and evaluate students’ assessments by instructing them to complete a number of specific tasks designed to establish their language proficiency.
  6. Collaborate With Other Faculty Members and Contribute to All of LSI’s Projects
    We believe that all of our objectives are only achievable through the collaboration and contribution of all of the faculty members with the single aim to help our students reach their goals. You are required to be an excellent team player, NOT a one-man show.
  7. Develop Learning Materials
    We never stop perfecting our learning materials to ensure that we consistently provide the most effective learning materials for all of our students. You are required to be involved in the process of developing our learning materials during your time at LSI.


  • Be at Least 25 Years Old With a Minimum of 1 Year of Teaching or Working Experience
    Those who are still studying at university or are fresh graduates will NOT be considered for this position. We are looking for individuals who are already familiar with and can handle the pressures and responsibilities of working. Having online teaching experience will give you a bigger advantage of being considered for the job.
  • Be a Native Indonesian With Excellent Bahasa Indonesia Skills
    Being a native Indonesian born in this country DOES NOT necessarily mean that you speak proper Indonesian and/or know your own language.
  • Have a Growth Mindset
    We are looking for individuals who believe that their talents or potential can be developed through hard work, constant training, and feedback from others. In other words, we are looking for creative and highly trainable people, who are willing to be lifelong learners and have a positive, solution-based mindset.
  • Have a Victor Mentality
    We are looking for professional individuals who take responsibility for their actions and have a sense of ownership and self-discipline. We want to work together with those who are fully committed, have high integrity, and never give up.
  • Own a Laptop With an Adequate Standard for Multitasking
    Your laptop is required to be able to fully operate within 3 minutes after turning it on.
  • Have an Adequate Internet Connection
    You are required to have a minimum internet speed of 20 Mbps. Check your internet speed here: https://fast.com

Perks of The Job

  1. Remote Working
    You can work from home or anywhere as long as you can follow our working standards. We have everything ready for you from day one of when you join us.
  2. Positive Working Athmosphere
    Surround yourself with positive people who have the can do attitude, problem solvers, and longlife learners. Only those who seek progress in their life will fit in to our ecosystem.
  3. Fair Payment System
    Work less and earn more than most average workers. Your working performance will be evaluated every four months and get more income.
  4. Pension & Health Benefit
    In addition to your income, LSI provides BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan to comply with the Indonesian law and to ensure the welfare system from the government is being applied in the company.
  5. Ongoing Training
    You will have many kinds of training from the first day you join us until the day you’re leaving us. We focus ourselves in the investment of personal development and self growth for every team member.

“It is not easy to land a position on the LSI faculty. Our recruitment process can be demanding and challenging at times.

But our rigorous screening and training process ensures that only the most qualified and deserving candidates are invited to join the LSI faculty.

We want to develop you to become an excellent Instructor.
Please do not apply if you do not have the commitment to learn and train for the long term.”

Disclaimer : Segala bentuk penipuan berkedok lowongan kerja dapat terjadi dimana saja, sehingga kita perlu jeli dan berhati-hati terhadap prosedur yang ditawarkan. Kita patut curiga terhadap lowongan yang meminta sejumlah uang pendaftaran baik untuk alasan administratif maupun akomodatif. 

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